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The power of taking any individual into the heart of any story and scenario using 360 video, this is the best way to create experiences that are fully immersive to the viewer, bring them into the situation and make them feel that they are part and are invested in whatever they are experiencing.

We provide the robust package from preproduction to delivery of this content.


This is a critical sector that when done right it can save lives, so we design and develop interactive 360 training tools to ensure a higher level of learning and knowledge retention.

This is helpful for induction training, incident and accident investigation, hazard identification and risk assessment. The applications are boundless you learn as you do and it's vital to help visualise the high pressure that might exist in many situations and in some instances it's impossible and expensive to simulate scenarios over and over to enhance the training process.



In VR immersion is everything and often times using equipment might leave shadows and traces of the equipment within the experience, this may break the immersion, in order to create the highest quality of immersion the post-production process needs to be of a superior level and we strive for the best.


We customise and create spaces for virtual meetings on platforms like altspacevr and mozilla hubs



We provide consultation in the production process to would be creators of the content, we help in project management, costing and pitching of VR projects.



These are some of the questions we wish to answer in case you want to know a bit more about VR

Frequently asked questions

Is Virtual Reality a Fad?

The answer is no. Companies like Facebook, Samsung, Google, and HTC have thrown their weight behind VR, putting out amazing headsets and pieces of content.

What is the VR world?

With the help of computer technology, VR – short for Virtual Reality, is an immersive experience in which users are teleported into a 3D World. The senses of hearing, touch, and vision are stimulated in the interactive world which the computer is the gatekeeper of.

Are there lasting physical effects to using virtual and augmented reality?

Most experts agree that for the time being, you can be cautious and sensible about the potential risks, but that caution should not prevent you from utilizing the technology as you see fit. Take off the headset if you’re feeling nauseated, and take “screen breaks” every half-hour to give your eyesight time to readjust to the real world.

In which industries is VR mostly applied?

Virtual Reality, like Augmented Reality, has been already applied in tourism, retail, real estate, education , healthcare, marketing, and many other verticals. The great argument in favour of VR is that both Fortune 500 brands and boutique companies that want to be on the frontier of innovation are using them.



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