The Funda Experience

"Funda" is from the Zulu language meaning to learn is the ethos of our start-up. We are creative technologists, seekers of knowledge and disseminators of information.

Funda experience dives into the 360 journey covering the technicalities of creating 360 video, CG in 360 and Visual Effects in 360. Paying particular attention to all the challenges and innovative discoveries along the way. This is often an emotional path that can be tough but can bring great reward when things work out on time however as you will discover this is rarely the case with turbulent roller coaster rides of "I'm ready to give up now" lows & extreme "l can't imagine doing anything else" highs.

The most important message of all that we want to send out to anyone who has the desire to dream is that we are daring to start, we are daring to dream, we are daring to paint our dreams with technology. We are willing to fall flat, get up and spit out the dust and proceed to try many times over because our message is that passion drives innovation and we must start where we are. Whether we have means or not does not mean that we cannot achieve what we want, what is more important is the will. We must have the will to achieve greatness.

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