My Mental Health & Me 

There are three main characters Zamo, Hlengiwe and Babalwa. Their journey of mental health struggle originates at different points in their lives and for different reasons. They share their stories of hardship and overcoming. Zamo provides a male perspective on the topic and how sharing his story helped those around him understand mental health better. Babalwa talks about grief and how she found alternatives ways to help her heal. Hlengiwe shares about trauma in her childhood and how her mental health has always been something she struggled with, emphasising that mental health is more than just the categorised illnesses we know.  

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Mmakgabo Dlomo

Founder of Mental Pulse and producer, writer and director of My Mental Health & Me. Her passion for this project was ignited by her path to empower others to know more about mental health difficulty and this project explores how the journey of healing can be found in unique ways



Babalwa Nkente

Babalwa started Mbokodo Mantras (Mental Talk 101) to find strength in her loss. She shares how this impacted her mental health and how she found healing through words.



Zamokuhle Masondo

Zamokuhle founder of Dark cloud above me and uses these same words to describe what depression feels like. He encourages conversation to enlighten about the difficulty of depression.



Skhumbuzo Dlomo

Technical director and editor for the documentary which entailed introducing subjects of the story to the medium of virtual reality and breaking away from  2d imagery.


Hlengiwe Khumalo

Hlengiwe shares how childhood trauma affected her mental health. She empowers and supports women who experience abuse through her platform WomenBeing.